Traditional English Longhorn Beef reared and finished in Swaledale.
West Tofts Longhorns

West Tofts Longhorns

Mrs. Irene Stoddart, membership number 00674.

Dunstall Neptune

Dunstall Neptune

Born: 07-01-2013

Purchased from Mrs Eileen Hallifield in July 2014

  • Reserve Junior Champion Longhorn Lincolnshire Show June 2014
  • 2nd in class at the Great Yorkshire Show 2014
  • 1st Junior Bull Staffordshire County Show May 2014
  • 1st Junior Bull Rutland County Show June 2014

Broomfield Jemima

Broomfield Jemima

Sire: Wellhead Fizz
Dam: Bulford Buzzard
Born: 10-05-09

Photographed with her 4th calf, a heifer, West Tofts Quest UK 134198/600028 Born: 03-07-16 Sire: Dunstall Neptune.

Broomfield Jollity

Broomfield Jollity SRA 115

UK 106124/100337
Sire: Fishwick Dominator
Dam: Longhorn cow

Photographed with her 4th calf, male UK 134198/700029 Born: 29-07-16 Sire: Dunstall Neptune.

West Tofts Louise

West Tofts Louise 22964/L0674

UK 122292/700843
Sire:Fishwick Chauvenist
Dam: Raby Barbara

Photographed with her 2nd calf, male UK 134198/500027 Born:20-06-16 Sire: Dunstall Neptune.

West Tofts Maddy

West Tofts Maddy

UK 134198/200003
Sire:Fishwick Chauvenist
Dam: Raby Barbara

Photographed with her 1st calf, male UK 134198/400026 Born: 10-05-16 Sire: Dunstall Neptune.

West Tofts LuLu

West Tofts LuLu

UK 134198/100002
Sire:Fishwick Chauvenist
Dam: Wellhead Hannah II

Photographed with her 3rd calf, a heifer, West Tofts Quartz UK 134198/300025 Born:16-04-16 Sire: Dunstall Neptune.

West Tofts Pizzazz

WEST TOFTS PIZZAZZ West Tofts Pizzazz is now sold.

30456/P00674 [Regd. Longhorn no.]
UK134198 600021
Born 07/07/2015

400 Day Adjusted Weight : 457kg.

  • Very good, attractive bull.
  • Used to daily haltering and quiet to handle.
  • Been shown and with further show potential if desired.
  • Placed up there with the aberdeen and fishwick junior bulls in the north eastern breeders club competition.
  • Free from BVD, IBR, LEPTO and JOHNES

Sire: DUNSTALL NEPTUNE UK172756700089 Regd. N0. 26824/N00775
Dam: WEST TOFTS LOUISE UK122292700843 Regd. N0. 22964/L0674

West Tofts PizzazzWest Tofts Pizzazz

Mrs Irene Stoddart, Park House, Low Row, Richmond, North Yorkshire, UK, DL11 6PJ